A 3D Action Adventure game for PC & Nintendo Switch Platforms

Nintendo_Switch PEGI_7 PC

Harmonize the Unsteady Realms

A magical world is now controlled by a Sorcerer Tabaz whose heart has been possessed by evil force. Take the role of Truthen, a hero who arrives too late to stop the Sorcerer in time and rescue 5 magical lands consisting of drifting isles from power of darkness.

New World

Explore unknown, fascinating worlds, full of tresures and dangers

Friends and Kings

Free your Friends and Realm's Kings, trapped in various corners of each of the Five Worlds

Diverse Enemies

Fight your way through diverse enemies and immerse in the gameplay through fantastic, interactive environment

Mini Games

Move between Worlds to discover new, skill-shifting lands and mini games

Challenging Puzzles

Look for links between artefacts and your actions, solve puzzles and run to free the World from the wizard Tabaz


Demo coming soon on Steam

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